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Discover the Rhythm at Fiesta Loca
Central Queensland

Meet Great People & Have Fun.

Fiesta Loca Central Queensland welcomes you to our site! We invite you to explore and learn more about our Dance School & Events. Based out of Gladstone in the Central Queensland area, we strive to bring the confidence to dance out of all whom join us. From beginners to advanced, experience the joy of dance through fun classes and social dancing. We are always planning something new and exciting, and hope you’ll join us soon. Start your dance journey with us today!

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About Fiesta Loca Central Queensland

At Fiesta Loca, we're all about Sharing the Excitement, Sharing Ideas & Dance Moves, and most importantly, Sharing the passion for Dance! Dive into a world of rhythm, laughter, and pure joy as we groove together. Join our dance family and let's create magic on the dance floor!
Check for class schedules and be prepared to dance your heart out. Let's make Gladstone the dance capital of Queensland!

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Upcoming Community  Events 

Get ready to unleash the rhythm within as we invite you to the hottest dance haven in town. Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of Latin and Social dance forms that ignite the dance floor with fiery passion. Our carefully curated events cater to all levels of expertise – from beginners taking their first sizzling steps to seasoned dancers looking to add an extra flair to their moves. 

The "Upcoming Community Events" is your go-to destination for a vibrant lineup of dance extravaganzas. From scintillating salsa nights, sultry bachata soirées, to lively jitterbug nights to sophisticated energetic Charleston; we've left no rhythm unexplored. Whether you're flying solo or bringing a dance partner, our events foster a sense of community and connection that transcends the ordinary.

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Come N Try

Social Swing Dancing

6 pm

Thursday 30th Jan 24

All popular styles of Swing dancing

Family & Community Precinct - GLADSTONE

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Come N Try

Social Latin Dancing 


Thursday 30th Jan 24

All popular styles of Latin dancing.

Family & Community Precinct - GLADSTONE

You don't need a dancing partner or any experience to join our community, have fun, & learn to dance, get fit, and meet new people in a friendly and welcoming group. Check out our complete list of classes in the online booking section or check out our events calendar below. Check back regularly as Events are always added.

See Our Full Events Calender Here

Recent Events Gallery

Step into our Recent Event Gallery, where each photo is a testament to the rhythm, laughter, and sheer joy that defines our gatherings. From the graceful swirls on the dance floor to the contagious smiles, our gallery encapsulates the essence of community and celebration. These snapshots are not just pictures; they are visual melodies, frozen in time, waiting to transport you back to the magic. Join us on this visual journey – a symphony of moments that speak louder than words.

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Classes And Lessons 

Dance Class

Group Classes Currently Running.

Contact Us for Couple, Private, or Personal Group Classes. 

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