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For the outside of your Shoes to allow for slide for turning. To allow you to turn when the floor is sticky or, when you are not wearing shoes that let you turn freely I.E. sneakers. 

Dance Shoe Socks are designed to go over sneakers for styles like rock n roll, rockabilly, salsa, swing, lindy ballroom, zumba, jazzercise, line dance, folk dance, etc.

Dance Socks suit all foot sizes from the small petite foot and can stretch to fit up to size 14 in men.

Dance Shoe Socks Half (Pair)

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Enhanced Movement: The sock can provide dancers with increased glide and pivot capabilities on dance floors while still benefitting from the support and comfort of their sneakers.

    Reduced Friction: Dance socks can reduce the friction between sneakers and dance floors, allowing for smoother movements and reducing strain on the dancer's joints.

    As with any dance product, safety and comfort are key considerations. Dancers should be aware that even with enhanced movement capabilities, certain advanced dance moves and techniques may still require specialized dance shoes for optimal performance and safety.


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