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How we began Fiesta Loca Central Queensland

First Poster FLCQ


From a small idea blossomed Fiesta Loca Central Queensland (FLCQ), where we believed in the adage that from little things big things grow. Back in late 2018, we noticed a void in the CQ or Capricornia region for Latin and Social Dance gatherings. So started our monthly low-key meetups in Rockhampton which were modest in the beginning, over time this has evolved into a thriving dance community. Thus, we began as Fiesta Loca.

In 2021, FLCQ introduced the inaugural major Halloween and Day of the Dead dance, now an annual tradition. February 2023 marked a large expansion, introducing Latin and Social dance classes on Thursdays, gradually growing our student numbers.

From the outset, my focus was clear – fostering routine dance events for diverse backgrounds to revel in the dance and social scene. We incorporated Social Swing dancing last year, witnessing an immediate surge in interest.

Beyond imparting dance skills, my aspiration has been to instill confidence, positive self-image, and social skills in our students. Fiesta Loca stands for more than just dance; it's about creating accomplished and sociable dancers.

As the founder, my vision for Fiesta Loca was to make dance events accessible, celebrating diverse cultures and local dance schools. I aimed to provide an environment where students can freely express themselves and build lasting friendships.

The journey to shape Fiesta Loca has not been without challenges, notably the impact of Covid. Nevertheless, through hard work, it has evolved into something special, continually striving to offer outstanding service to our community. Fiesta Loca isn't just a dance school; it's a dance family!

Get up n Dance,


Stuart Campbell

Founder of Fiesta Loca Central Queensland (FLCQ)


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